MRTG Viewer 2.0 : MRTG Front-end with Up/Down Status Database and Email/SMS Notification

The MRTG Viewer is a front-end of the famous MRTG tool developed by Tobi Oetiker. Primarily, this tool is being used for monitoring the status of the network links with SMS/Email notifications and web-based interface to easily see which links are UP or DOWN. The MRTG Viewer serves as a frontend for viewing available links and their corresponding graphs without hardcoding the index page because it automatically discovers the subdirectories where MRTG graphs are located. It also indicates if the link is UP or DOWN based on the MRTG's timestamps and Ping connectivity tests. The last update time of the MRTG graphs are being compared with that of the server time to check if it is updating. If the graph doesn't update, it may serve as a warning that the link is down. The non-updating of MRTG graphs may mean that SNMP is not being received or the node is completely down. Ping/Traceroute tool are included for further diagnosis. The MRTG Viewer is also equipped with a notification system using Email and SMS/Text messaging using PregiSMS gateway. To download MRTG Viewer, click here.

NOTE:The author does not guarantee an easy installation of this piece of software. Please follow the given INSTALL.TXT carefully. The author assumes that you know at least the basics of Unix system, MRTG, Apache, Postgresql, and Javascript among others.

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Download / Installation

Download MRTG Viewer 2.0
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  1. No need to hard-code an HTML page or cgi page for MRTG because the mrtg viewer generates all pages on the fly using Perl script.
  2. Notification system lets you notify in case the links are down or resumes operation. You can use email by default or SMS/Txt messaging if you have a PregiSMS-v.1.0 installed.
  3. View Links Status - lets you view the UP/DOWN status of the links based on MRTG and Ping.
  4. View Static Graphs - lets you view only the graphs at the same time no matter how many they are.
  5. View Scrolling Graphs - lets you watch the graphs scroll in your browser if you're tired of clicking links.
  6. View Statistics - lets you see the top unreliable links.
  7. The current DOWN links are also summarized in the main page together with some calculation of your network's reliability.
  8. The Admin page permits you to edit the MRTG Viewer config files via web.
Please click here to view Wisoy's DSL network which uses MRTGViewer to monitor the DSL link!


The MRTG Viewer takes care of all your MRTG graphs especially if your mrtg workdir contains many subdirectories. Using this tool, you don't have to hard-code an html file coz this simple tool generates your mrtg page on the fly plus other features to make your mrtg's meaningful. This program is to be used in a network monitoring machine with the following:

MRTG Links Status Page

Please click on the figure below to view a live version.

SMS or Text Notification

Email Notification

Scrolling Graphs

Tired of browsing hundreds of mrtg graphs, use this to view graphs sequencially using Javascript.

Unreliable Links Statistics

Know which links experiences downtimes easily.

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